Our Story

Skin and scalp expert
Natural, vegan formulas featuring Seanol®
Since 2005


Pioneering formulas
Most products on the shelf today rely on chemicals to give a better 'feeling' of plumpness, cleanliness or softness, without consideration of long-term skin or scalp health.

We are constantly reinventing formulas to meet the challenge of combining health, efficacy and natural sourcing into every product.

Our emblematic example is the Facial Bar. With just 8 natural ingredients, we returned to the traditional bar soap but engineered the formula to be moisturizing and skin-rejuvenating. We removed any chemicals that artificially increase foam or scent. Instead, this bar is made of the best combination of natural ingredients to smell great, purify pores and prevent dryness and irritation.


Seanol® - natural strength from the sea
Our products feature Seanol, a powerful ingredient that harnesses nature's ability to regenerate.

Seanol is a proprietary ingredient made of natural polyphenol extracts from Ecklonia cava, a species of seaweed from Jeju Island (South Korea). Seanol has been certified to be safe and effective as a health-promoting dietary ingredient from FDAs worldwide, and is currently undergoing clinical trials as a pharmaceutical ingredient to treat degenerative disease in the US.

This food-grade natural ingredient is uniquely biphasic (soluble in both water and fat), meaning it can penetrate deep into cells of the skin and scalp. It also has triple-action of anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation and circulation enhancement, all of which promote cell activity, regeneration and protection from UV damage - the biological foundation of 'reverse aging.'

This revolutionary Miracle Ingredient has been shown to promote youthful skin health and hair growth through years of scientific research. Our expertise in skin and scalp drives constant innovation to enhance cellular health and targets long-term benefits.


- US FDA certified as NDI (new dietary ingredient), 2008
Korea MFDS certified as new functional ingredient, 2012
US FDA certified as IND (investigational new drug), 2013
European EFSA certified as NFI (novel food ingredient), 2018